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Troubled Bad Black hunted for vandalism

Socialite Bad Black is allegedly being hunted by her landlady after leaving her Butabika house without clearing rent arrears and leaving the house destroyed.

According to Faded Facebook blogger Ritah Kaggwa, Black left the house after breaking most of the things in it. 

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However, Black says that she helped the landlady and renovated the house yet it is her responsibility. 

She has vowed not to clear her rent.

“I won’t give them that $5000 because I renovated their house, I put in lights, I painted it, and I didn’t fail to pay, they just failed to wait and told me to vacate. They also did not give me a tenant agreement cancelling my old contract. Even this year, they did not give me any tenant agreement. They just sent me an eviction letter through WhatsApp just and gave me only two weeks to shift yet it is supposed to be three months. The eviction letter has no police stamp, it is just an open letter,” She angrily noted. 

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