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Stabua Natooro forms own Musicians Association as Jose Chameleone lands himself in hot soup

There is a silent war ongoing in the Uganda music and Arts industry which has been caused by COVID-19 relief funds being dished out by President Museveni’s brother Gen Salim Saleh. 

A section of Ugandans singers headed by singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon met with Gen Saleh in Gulu and begged him for money.

However, some musicians like Stabua Natooro have been left out of this deal hence deciding to form her own musicians’ association to seek help on her own.

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The singer has showed her disappointment in Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) for not helping her members to get income when they have been under lockdown for almost two years. 

“I am going to start my own musicians’ association because the existing ones like UMA have not helped musicians. They are just eating money. Good enough I have a group of 50 singers, it’s better to start up with these so that we can also benefit from government help. UMA as an association is just composed of greedy people who until now haven’t helped us as musicians apart from bettering their bank accounts,” Natooro angrily said during an interview with a local television station. 

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On the other hand, singer Jose Chameleone has landed herself in hot soup after travilling to Gulu to meet Gen Salim Saleh for relief funds.

Chameleone who started his own association dubbed Uganda Superstars Association has been attacked by singer Bobi Wine calling him a “beggar”.

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Gen Salim Saleh COVID-19 relief funds have left the Ugandan music industry divided and none of them knows the end results.