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“You have no option apart from begging Museveni,” Nitezens fire at blogger Ashburg Kato (Screenshot)

On Tuesday, faded NRM blogger Ashburg Kato came out and accused Uganda police of assault saying that they beat him and left some of his teeth missing. 

However, social media users have rubbished his claims. They have said that he wrongly accused police to attract attention. 

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“…..Sebo they did nothing to you Katu wabade olabanga ur nolonger being attention by the media then u had to look for something to post so that abamawulire bakunoonye kumanina

Naye tofayo the day u will be beaten am pretty sure u won’t post cause u will be unable too, unless if someone else helps you to do dat,” A Uganda social media user has commented on Ashburg’s claims. 

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Anita Mbabu is another internet User who believes the faded blogger was seeking to grab media attention.

“Oyo disposable bamuziira, just looking for attention,” She said.

“Show us gaps ….playing games just ” Nicky Simon.

Katto has said that even though the government he supports betrayed him, he won’t stop supporting president Museveni. 

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Check out screenshots below;