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Home Entertainment Bobi Wine bitterly attacks artists begging for Gen Salim Saleh money

Bobi Wine bitterly attacks artists begging for Gen Salim Saleh money

Bobi Wine bitterly attacks artists begging for Gen Salim Saleh money
Bobi Wine - NUP boss

Some Ugandan artists have gathered to beg President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s brother Gen Salim Saleh for money to survive in this lockdown. 

The money has caused separation in the industry where some artists are questioning the criteria followed to distribute it. 

Singer cum politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine however has blasted the artistes who have lined up for Saleh’s money saying that they are begging for money from the same people who have put them into poverty by scrapping off concerts and shows with the excuse of Coronavirus.

“It is very sad to see that the very person who destroyed the music industry has finally been able to make artistes bow down in humiliation to worship him. Oh what a shame,” Bobi Wine noted. 

Through his Facebook page, Bobi Wine has related the situation to the story of Joseph Stalin, the soviet dictator of the 19th century.

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“Stalin once plucked all the feathers from a live chicken as a lesson to his followers. He then set the chicken on the floor a short distance away. The chicken was blooded and suffering from great pain and yet, when Stalin started to throw away some bit wheat to the chicken, it followed him around. He then said to his followers. This is how easy it is to government stupid people. They will follow you no matter how much pain you cause them as long as you throw a few worthless crumbs to them every once in a while,” He stated. 

Bobi Wine says that Museveni has used Stalin’s way of ruling to get the artists crawling back to him. He explains that Museveni has taken away all their sources of income but they are still going to him for the worthless crumbs.

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“Artists are aware that about two years ago, the regime brought oppressive laws targeting the industry. Among the laws proposed was a requirement that an artist must submit his or her lyrics to the Minister of Gender for approval before producing any artistic work. Another ridiculous one was a requirement for artists to get permission from the government before they are allowed to perform abroad. These regulations were never shelved. They were only put on a halt; the regime got the excuse of COVID-19 to implement the control which they had hoped to achieve through the regulations,” Part of Bobi Wine’s post reads. 

Mr. Wine says that Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) has turned into a beggars association. 

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“An association which we started to fight for the industry has been proudly silent about all this injustice. It was reduced to a beggars’ association,” He asserted.

Additionally, Bobi has said that Gen Saleh’s objective is to silence artists and the entire music and creative industry so that it never produces another “Kyagulanyi” kind of artist who speaks truth to its face. 

Furthermore, the “Aida” singer stated that “The objective is to divide artistes and cause them to fight against each other because Gen Museveni believes in Divide and rule concept. No wonder, several artists are already in arms questioning the methods and criteria used to select beneficiaries of the few monies dished every once in a while. Moreover tax payers’ money,” He added.