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Sasha Brighton tired of being single, cries out to God for help

Singer Sasha Brighton real name Nannozi Joweria is undeniably a beautiful woman.

One would think that with her physical beauty, she has a long list of men fighting to win her heart but according to her recent posts, she is single and has been searching in vain.

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In March 2021, the “Sigabana Musajja” singer revealed that she was searching for a Muslim man after falling out with socialite Herbert Shonga.

It is now over four months and she hasn’t found that man who can make her feel good. Through her socials, Brighton recently said that she normally falls in love with the wrong people.

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However, the singer is yet to give up on love but seems she’s unlucky when it comes to matters of the heart.

“Some of us are meant to congratulate those ones in love…..But why God Why,” she posted.