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VIDEO: “Museveni wants us dead for speaking the truth,” Da Mighty family breaks silence

Da Mighty family comedy group have said that they are in fear for their lives after speaking the truth about what’s going wrong in the country.

Through their official Facebook page, the duo has alleged that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has put people to track and arrest them for talking ill about him.

“Ugandans please not that we are not safe, we are not safe, and you know that we are not safe at all. We are not safe for speaking the truth about our country. Anybody who deas among as just knows that the commander of the people spying and appointed to kill us is Hajji Kiyimba from Nsangi. The leader of the ‘Kiboko’ squad is Pastor Mondo Mugisha. Sipapa is among the people secretly appointed to shot and kill us,” Da Mighty family said. 

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President Museveni

Accordingly, the comedians have said that Museveni will not succeed at hunting and arresting them.

“Museveni, don’t think you will be able to arrest us, go arrest Lumbuye but leave us because you got no guts to arrest us, ” The comedians added. 

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The comedians say that their social media platforms will be hacked and deleted by the government but they won’t stop speaking up. 

They have promised to protest just like South Africans are doing.

“We know you’re going to hack into our account and delete our social accounts but we are also looking for you. Ugandan’s we are going to protest just like South Africans, ” Da Mighty Family warned. 

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Watch the video below;