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NTV journalist Patrick Mukasa arrested, brutally tortured

NTV Uganda’s Luganda news anchor Patrick Mukasa alleges that he was arrested and tortured by Policemen on July 7, 2021 while on duty at Mpererwe.

Through his Twitter account, the news anchor revealed that he was at Mpererwe taking pictures and Police men grabbed and forced him into a drone where they tortured him.

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“I know what it means being in a drone. I was there for only 3 minutes on Wednesday 7/7 on my birthday imagine, when I was arrested for taking pictures during a police operation at Mpererwe, but I came out bleeding and limping Thank God I am healing. Police torture is real,” Mukasa tweeted. 

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Mukasa accompanied his allegations with a picture of his leg burned and wondered what they used to burn him.

Mukasa’s burnt leg

He believes that Police have done more harm than good. 

“The number of people police tortures every day in Uganda, is more than the number police saves from torture every day. I am thinking,” Patrick added.

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It shall be noted that while giving directives on COVID-19, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Okayed all essential workers to continue with their work and Journalists are among the essential workers but it was a shock to see Mukasa arrested. Shall keep you posted.