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Estranged Couple Herbert and Dorothy Shonga Bid Emotional Goodbyes to Each Other, Spark Reunion Talk

Estranged Couple Herbert and Dorothy Shonga Bid Emotional Goodbyes to Each Other, Spark Reunion Talk

There is currently talk on the street about a possible reunion and renewal of bonking sessions between former lovers Herbert Shonga and his wife Dorothy Shonga. The couple bitterly split two years ago, prompting Herbert to run for the bubbly Sasha Brighton. 

However, yesterday being a world lover’s day, many people celebrated it by showing off their loved ones on different social media platforms. Dorothy Shonga was one of them but this time she showed off her new man Patrick Chimpikiso a travel consultant in Malawi. This got Dorothy’s ex-husband Herbert Shonga emotional and slightly jealous. To hide his pain at looking at his former bedmate being lavished with love by another man, Herbert decided to share in their happiness, albeit with tears.

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Through his Facebook post, Herbert penned down a farewell message to the mother of his two children while advising his competitor to take good care of their children most especially their daughter who he says is too fragile. 

“HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MY DEAR DOROTHY & PATRICK As a father to your kids, I will never wish you bad in life but rather just happiness… And if it’s him that brings happiness to you, who am I to block your happiness My dear PATRICK please take good care of my princess Elizabeth Shonga. She is too fragile. And when her guitar gets broken fix it first thing in the morning. Enjoy your Valentine my power couple‍” Shonga wrote. 

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Dorothy also wrote back and cheekily advised her ex-husband to find someone and settle down while thanking him for shaping her business. She wrote this in the comment section of Herbet’s post where she captioned a video of their wedding. 

Wish you the best in life too my dear! 16 years with you made me what I am today. Today I look at you as my father/brother that shaped a way for my business life. My prayer it’s for you to settle down too. For the memories we shared will always be cherished.” Dorothy said. 

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The two once love birds were married for 16 years until Dorothy took offence in Herbet’s cheating and side dishing and divorced him. 

Since then, Herbert has appeared in the news many times for chewing different sumbies with the most remarkable one being that of singer Sasha Brighton who reportedly dumped him recently.

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