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Shiekh Muzaata’s Widow Thrown Out of House As Property Wrangles Rage On

Late Kibuli Muslim sect PRO Nuhu Baate Muzaata’s widow Kulthum Muzaata has been sent packing and banished out of their Kawempe house by family members. A disturbing video is circulating on social media in which Kulthum’s belongings are being thrown out of the house has already gone viral, sparking condemnation and rage, a few months after the outspoken Muslim cleric passed on. 

According to one family member, bouncers allegegesly hired by the conflicting family members forcefully jumped the gate and entered the home, forcing Kulthum to get out of the house and throwing her belongings like worthless rags into the dust outside, leaving the poor widow at cross roads.

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The reasons behind Kulthum’s troubles remain unknown.

However, before Muzaata’s passing, it was reported that he was a lonely man after Kulthum had left him alone under unclear circumstances. However boom Gossip was informed that days before his death, matters had already been settled and that Kulthum had returned to their matrimonial home in Kawempe. 

After his death, a fight broke between Kulthum and Muzaata’s first wife Amina Burigita with the latter claiming she deserves to own the Kawempe home since she contributed alot to it while she was still with the deceased cleric.

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 Amina and Muzaata reportedly separated 25 years ago, after which she fled to the USA with her children. She also reportedly denounced the Islamic faith and became a born again Christian. 

According to the Sharia teaching, once a man divorces his wife officially, the woman doesn’t benefit from his estate upon his death. However, Shiekh Muhammod Kibaate, Muslim scholar explained that in this case, Amina would benefit from Muzaata’s estate since he did not officially divorce her. 

Muzaata’s lawyer Erias Nalukoola revealed to boom gossip that the the late divided his property according to the Sharia teaching and that all the beneficiaries will get their share. 

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During the burial , four boncers were arrested after breaking into Muzaata’s home where his sisters were still mourning the loss of their brother. Muzaata’s sisters explained that the bouncers were intending to steal the late’s land titles and his medical documents adding that the move was planned by Kulthum and other two prominent moslem men close to Kulthum. 

The sisters also suspected that their brother was poisoned.