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“Joan Namatovu was my real girlfriend,” Pastor Peter Ssematimba ‘Process by process’ finally speaks out

Former Busiro South Member of Parliament (MP) and pastor Peter Ssematimba is still making headlines for wrong doing after a lady identified as Joan Namatovu accused him of repetitive rape. 

During a TV interview, Namatovu said that the pastor forced himself on her when she was working as his house maid when his wife left for USA.

The ‘process by process’ slogan has gone viral with many women rights organizations and Netizens blaming Sematimba for the dirty act.

However, Ssematimba has come out and trashed Namatovu’s claims saying that she agreed to his advances because they were dating.

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Sematimba also revealed that Namatovu has never been his house maid but rath his real girlfriend. 

Ssematimba narrated to blogger Ray Supasta that Namatovu moved into his home in 2000’s as his girlfriend to help him with house work when his wife left for USA but agreed with Namatovu that she disguises herself as a house maid to avoid issues from his wife since he was cheating on her. 

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The relationship however didn’t last and they broke up at a time when Namatovu was pregnant. She left his home and later gave birth.

Sematimba trashes Namatovu’s claims that she has been looking after the child alone, saying that he has been in their lives renting a house for her and taking care of the baby. 

Accordingly he says that he dragged Namatovu to court seeking full custody of their daughter because can’t afford looking after the daughter since she doesn’t have any recognizable source of income. The action angered her hence running to the media to tarnish his name and gain public symphasy. 

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According to a social media user named Diana Nattabi, all Ssematimba is telling the truth. 

“That’s the fact, I got to know that girl in 2013 because they rented for her just next to my bestie’s crib (same fence) at Lungujja era nalabako uncle Pirra with my two naked eyes entering that room,” She said.

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