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“You are a four times marriage failure, Bruno K will also chew and dump you” – Justine Nameere blasts NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe in fresh rant (Screenshots)

Media personality Justine Nameere has yet again attacked her former workmate Faridah Nakazibwe saying she’s a marriage failure who has not achieved anything.

Through her social media pages, Nameere says women of her Nakazibwe’s age are busy building mansions celebrating beautiful moments with their husbands and babies while for her she’s wasting her time stalking young boys like singer Bruno k.

“Nyabo women your age like Omotola up there are building mansions, building business empires, celebrating their wonderful husbands and beautiful children but you are in fake accounts insulting people and stalking young boys like Bruno K? You so obvious you woman! Please grow up kale Najuuma Namamonde Faridah you the mother f**cker here us we have men to f**k, we are not lonely and bitter like you Oswadde nnyo wambizzi” Nameere posted. 

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Nameere yet again has reminded Faridah about having failed in four marriages, sleeping with old men among other things.

“Hahaha stop comparing apples to tomatoes. Nnyabo in your fake account! Nakazibwe is a four time marriage failure in a rental doesn’t compare her to a successfully married billionaire married to a pilot. Omotola and Nakazibwe cannot be compared. Oh please, has Omotola ever slept with a grandfather age man for money? Has Omotola ever married a Ssekadaama who laid mbu he is a doctor? Nnyabo Namamonde Nakazibwe in yo fake account wewumuzeeko,” Nameere ranted. 

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The media personality has also accused Faridah of having a number of pseudo accounts one of them being under the names of Madina Najjuma which sparked off the cyber fight after making a comment that Nameere is chocking on debts which she denied saying that she is well off having completed her newly constructed house and awaiting a Kwanjula ceremony with her loving husband which Faridah has failed. Another account is a Twitter account in the name of Mama Bella. 

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“I am not a thief and am no longer living in Nageera i only come there to check on my saloon! I built a house with my loving fiance on the out skirts of Kampala! Our housing warming is coming up soon, the Kwanjula follows next! Nakazibwe you operate in Mama Bella fake account on Twitter and now you operating in najjuma on Facebook?!!” she said. 

Nameere has been at loggerheads with her nemesis Faridah for over Four years after the latter accused the former of trying to steal him ex-lover Umalu Ssali.