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“I couldn’t fall into his trap” – Nina Roz smears Daddy Andre with dirt

Singer Nina Roz born Nina Kankunda allegedly broke up with her husband and fellow singer Ojambo Andrew aka Daddy Andre for a reason yet to be revealed as they keep accusing each other of being the cause of their split. 

The breaks up romour of these celebrity lovebirds was confirmed after a phone call interview with Andre where he accused Nina Roz of detoothing him and trying to tarnish his name using bloggers.

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Daddy Andre said that the “Kipande” hitmaker’s intention was to get free music recording deals but not marriage.

Amidst all the allegations, Nina Roz kept pushing her new music which prompted some section of social media users to anticipate that the break up was a stunt to promote her music. 

Now after days of being crucified by social media in-laws accusing her of breaking handsome Daddy Andre’s heart, she has come out to clear the air. 

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Through her social media, Nina posted saying that people term you a bad person after you fail to fall into their traps. 

“The easiest way to earn a bad name is by helping an ungrateful person. People will act like you are hard to deal with because you aren’t easy to fool,” Part of her posts reads. 

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Despite their fans having the hope of them getting back together to carry on their marriage, the singer’s post is sending a different message as seem she nolonger has feeling for the producer.

“Sis we aren’t going back.” she adds. 

Nina and Andre got married in a private traditional marriage ceremony in October 2020.  However, they join the list of failed celebrity relationships after their bitter breakup in April.