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Home Celebrity Gossip BIG STORY: Momo 19 spills Daxx Kartel dirty secrets

BIG STORY: Momo 19 spills Daxx Kartel dirty secrets

BIG STORY: Momo 19 spills Daxx Kartel dirty secrets

Even after BBS Television’s presenter Momo 19 coming out to confirm that she is single, singer Daxx Kartel insisted that she is still married to her. 

The claims however seem to be hurting her more hence coming out publically and trashing them saying that they are completely over.


During a phone call with a local TV station, Momo 19 has revealed that she told Daxx Kartel to inform the public that she was nolonger married to her. 

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“I told him to talk and tell people that it was over” She has stated. 

In the same interview, Momo 19 has bitterly commented on her mother inlaw and sister in-law demanding her to take away her marriage matters off social media saying that they should let her be. 

“I saw my mother inlaw and my sister in-law saying that I should take the matters off media but you can’t tell me that when you are also in camera.” Momo has said. 

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About her husband’s new song titled “Enswa” which stings her, she has cursed saying that it was unfair for him to sing such a song about her. 

“You can’t use a chance when things are not working and sing such a song about someone,” the TV presenter has shown her disappointment in her husband. 

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She has also said that she is not worried about Daxx Kartel’s family wanting their bride price back because she has the money daring them to ask for it. 

“Is that even money? They should tell me to bring it and I just put it there. Period!” Momo has boasted.