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“It’s true!” – Sasha Ferguson finally speaks out about cheating on NBS TV star Canary Mugume

It's true i travelled to Berlin - Sasha

Sasha Ferguson, a girlfriend to NBSTV news anchor Canary Mugume has finally spoken out on allegations of cheating on her fiance.

There have been reports swirling of Canary Mugume spending sleepless nights after realising that Sasha was freely giving out her thighland to whoever cares. There were also reports that she is dating a certain moneybag who lived in Berlin Germany and that the two were harvesting on each other like hungry vultures. 

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There were also claims that Canary is powerless in this relationship and that it is Sasha who has the final say. Sasha is said to have recently travelled to Germany to see her secret lover and this was reported to be the breaking point for her relationship with Canary. 

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However, in an interview, Sasha has dismissed the rumours, saying all is not true about what is being said. She says although she travelled to Germany, she was going to see another of is s who is not her secret lover. 

“The rumors were false.  It’s true i travelled to Berlin but to see my best friend…..Canary is man enough.  We both work but he takes very good care of me. I have no time to pay attention to men always hitting on me. No one has ever produced evidence that I cheat on him. People are just jealous of us.” She revealed.

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The two lovebirds legalised their relationship last month after Sasha introduced husband Canary to her parents and the two are living a beautiful happy relationship.