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Big blow for haters as Daxx Kartel addresses break up rumours with Momo 19, slams ‘toxic’ fans

Big blow for BBS TV Momo 19 as Daxx Kartel betrays her 4 months after Nikkah ceremony

Comic singer Sulaiman Ssebunya known by his stage name Daxx Kartel has come out and trashed rumours that he broke up with his newly married wife and BBS television’s presenter Maureen Naluwooza aka Momo 19. 

During a phone interview with a local television station on Tuesday, Dax Kartel revealed that he is still married with Momo although she is out of the country for work. 

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“My wife is at work. She’s not in the country. I’m also working. Our marriage is still standing….” Daxx Kartel stated. 

The “Wagaba Enswa Zange” singer says that fans smelt a break up because of their absence on social media. 

Daxx says that his new song titled “Wagaba Enswa” was only inspired by stories he hears and his observations of many events that happen in the world trashing claims that he sang it for Momo 19. 

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When asked why he hasn’t gotten the TV presenter pregnant, Daxx got emotional and failed to answer the question.  He angrily said they have their own plans as a couple.

It shall be noted that the break up allegations were sparked off by Momo 19 when she deleted all couple pictures from her social media platforms as well as unfollowing her husband on Facebook. 

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Momo didn’t stop on deleting photos but also went ahead and announced that she is a single woman. 

“Am Single, No Doubt” – Momo 19 posted.