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“She married me for a mission” – Daddy Andre spills Nina’s dirty secrets

Dady Andre spills relationship secrets as bitterly breaks up with Nina Roz for good (Audio)

Singer and music producer Ojambo Andrew aka Daddy Andre has confirmed that his marriage with fellow singer Nina Kankunda popularly known as Nina Roz has hit the dead end. 

In a phone interview with a local TV station, Andre who sounded so heart broke has revealed that Nina only came for benefits but not marriage. 

The awarding producer explains that just like his former lover Angella Katatumba, Nina also came for free music production not love and after getting what she wanted, she started tarnishing his name in public so as to end her marriage with him and destroy his name. 

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“Nina Roz had not come for love or for any kind of a relationship. I believe her intentions were like those of Angella Katatumba. After Katatumbe got a hit song, she also used the trick of love and got me into it then got what she wanted and to my disappointment. she wanted to destroy my career too. But i realised all that we have been through was just a lie. Our relationship was built on lies so it couldn’t succeed. It’s no more!” Andre painfully confirmed the breakup.

The “Sikikukweka” hitmaker narrates further that Nina paid bloggers to tarnish his name by claiming that he beat her as well as cheating on her however big bloggers knew she was lying and didn’t run her stories. 

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“I think her close people and management wanted to just trash my profession when she started paying bloggers telling them how i usually beat her to pulp, that I torture her. But i told them, seriously the way i love Nina Roz, how can i beat her. All big bloggers know that I’m the one in love and I’ve been sacrificing alot to help her in whatever, i even leave my thing to help her. They even told me nti oyo omuwala mubanda we even have evidence of what she is doing.” Andre revealed further. 

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Andre and Nina got married in October 2020 in a private Kukyala ceremony which was attended by close family members and friends. Nina Roz kept information about her relationship with Andre private until the day of their marriage. 

News about their breakup started spreading weeks ago when Andre unfollowed Nina on Instagram as well as deleting all her pictures from his socials. However, he later revealed the action was done by someone who stole his phone and hacked into his social media accounts. 

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