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Home Celebrity Gossip Daxx Kartel’s breakup with Momo 19 has gone for the worst

Daxx Kartel’s breakup with Momo 19 has gone for the worst

Daxx Kartel's breakup with Momo 19 has gone for the worst

Ugandan singer Daxx Kartel is as we write this nursing a broken heart after experiencing a nasty breakup with his long time girlfriend Momo 19. The pair have been rumored to have parted ways due to several irreconcilable differences and things seem to have gone for the worst.

It all started after Kartel started feeling uncomfortable after Momo reportedly refused to give him a baby even after he had visited her parents.

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Daxx with Momo 19 before things turned around.

There are also unconfirmed reports that after being denied the chance to be a father, Daxx was so frustrated that he ended up sleeping with Momo’s close friend Ashira which worsened the already stretched relationship after it was reported that Ashira is pregnant with Daxx’s child.

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Now, in a dramatic turn of events, Momo had retaliated by deleting all the couple’s photos from her social media handles including Instagram. In addition, she posted the lyrics of Sasha Brighton’s “Kambite” song, which literally means she is tired of the relationship and has called it quits. Daxx has also in the recent past released a song titled “Wagaba enswa zange” translated as “you gave away my ants” which many interpreted as a dig at Momo 19 asking her why she cheated on him. 

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“You betrayed me and cheated” – Daxx Kartel breaks silence on his break up with Momo 19, leaks her dirty secrets (AUDIO)
Daxx alleges that Momo cheated on him.

As we write this, there are reports that the family members are working around the clock to get the pair back to speaking terms.