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Zari Hassan graduates

Zari Hassan achieves another milestone, graduates at Brooklyn City college

South Africa based Ugandan business woman and socialite Zari Hassan is among the most admired women in Africa.

Throughout her years, she has achieved a number of things and being successful in businesses. She has made sure she makes use of her money to have all the luxurious life rich people have for example owning and living in very expensive houses, driving very expensive cars, taking their children to the best schools around the world among others. 

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With the kind of richness Zari has, it can be assumed by many that she doesn’t need anything else however, the socialite has proved that money is not enough.

She has showed that as the saying goes that knowledge is power, even the richest people like her still need to acquire knowledge which is why she enrolled at Brooklyn City College to further her education. 

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Through a social media post today, she has revealed that she finally graduated at the University’s Polokwane Campus in South Africa. 

“It’s just a matter of time. Don’t quit.” She captioned a picture in which she is clad in her graduation gown.