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Tension as close friend confirms Producer Washington poisoned Mowzey Radio, spills dark secrets (VIDEO)

Late Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio’s close friend John Miles a brother to singer Peter Miles has revealed shocking secrets confirming that his producer David Ebangit aka Washington killed the singer. 

Miles narrated that he talked to Mowzey the day he was reportedly beaten and the events that took place that day indicate that Washington was behind his death.  

While appearing on a local YouTube channel (Kasuku Live) being interviewed by Spark TV’s Kasuku, John says he talked to Mowzey at around 7pm but to his shock, he was later called and informed that he had been beaten from Da bar a hangout place in Entebbe and that he had a crack on his head. 

“We were to meet at freedom beach, we reached around 7pm and he wasn’t there. As we were still there waiting, they called and informed us that he had been beaten and was being taken to Emmanuel hospital. When we reached there, Washington came running and told us that Radio was beaten and that he had a crack on his head. The police came rushing and there were many people who congested the room.  I found space and put my head down to see Radio on the bed relaxing, I shouted at him asking what happened but he wasn’t responding I asked a doctor if he could speak and I saw him squeeze the doctor’s hand as a way of silencing him,” He narrates.

John explains that there was water on the late singer’s bed instead of blood which was coming from his head due to a shrink that it had adding that the doctors at Emmanuel hospital were so careless to put him on a drip of water just to get money.

After a discussion with the late’s family, they agreed to transfer him to Nsambya hospital. 

John says at that point he realised that his friend still had energy and could get fine if rushed for Medication but the events which happened there made him question Washington.

“While we were carrying him into the ambulance, he stood properly, his head showed as if he was beaten by a pipe contradicting with Washington’s statement that he was cracked. When I asked him what happened, he shook his head and hand with frustration. While he was almost telling me exactly what happened, Washington slapped me and pushed me away, he used too much force and squeezed Mozey’s hand,” he narrates further.

According to John, Mowzey’s gave Washington a warning look after his actions.

“He watched him with anger, stood up and pushed him away and lost energy so he fell down. We put him again on the bed and entered him in the ambulance,” Miles added. The heartbroken singer’s friend says that his Radio had foam coming from his mouth which is in most cases associated with poison hence concluding that the “Lwakyi Onumya,” singer must have been poisoned. 

He explains another scenario where Mowzy was in the ambulance and Washington stopped people from entering to escort him to Case hospital.

“When I had reached the door to the ambulance, the driver told me to enter and escort him because there was enough space for me. But as I was contemplating, Washington came and said that Mowzey had vomited. He stood in the entrance to the ambulance and stopped us from entering to see our friend,” Miles painfully narrates. 

Miles explains further that Washington did not stop only the singer’s friends but also a nurse who was supposed to take care of him. 

Due to curiosity, they demanded to take pictures of Mowzey which Washington still could not permit but asked for their phones and took the pictures himself.

According to Miles, the pictures were showing that something was fishy because Mowzey who was laying on the bed facing up had vomit on the side yet it was supposed to be on his chest.

Miles believes that his friend died from the ambulance because his situation worsened immediately the moment he entered it. He asserts that Mowzey was not too ill while outside to be laying on the bed helpless just after seconds.

“I think he died from the ambulance, all the security people I’ve talked to know what happened. They know he died from there.  Even the corpse looked like he had died a week ago, it was so dry,” John said.

Mowzey’s friend also says that Nsambya hospital refused to work on him because he was already dead hence transferring him to Case. 

Miles is convinced that Mowzey could have been given poison between 7pm-10pm.

“The beating happened between 7pm-7:30pm but they reached Emmanuel hospital at around 10pm yet it is a one minute drive. 

What happened between those two hours we don’t know but those who were there told us that exactly what happened,” John angrily stated.

He insists that Mowzey was not carried and his head hit on the ground as per allegations because what was on his head was a shrink, not a crack adding that his friend could not allow anyone to carry him to the ground because he was a strong fighter hence concluding that he was beaten on the head with something. 

While the singer’s family and friends have fed the public and court with information that Radio died due to a beating from one Troy Wamala an employee at Da Bar, Miles says they are lying and they know what exactly happened because the military investigative team informed them about the events while he (Miles) was present.

“The family knows what happened, his mother, brother and cousins all know. But was there money involved??” He says.

Miles was also not invited to court as a witness yet the family members knew that he was there when most of the events were taking place. He promises to continue investigating the case until when he has evidence. 

On 1st February 2018, Uganda and the world at large was shocked by news that singer Mowzey radio had died after sustaining injuries resulting from a brawl that took place at Da Bar.

Washington was among the first suspects in Mowzey’s murder case however he denied everything accusing Troy of having hit the singer which resulted to his death.

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