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Home Celebrity Gossip “Ono si kakalabanda akatazaala” – Tycoon Lwasa trolls Diana Nabatanzi again as...

“Ono si kakalabanda akatazaala” – Tycoon Lwasa trolls Diana Nabatanzi again as he praises his Mugole, denies being impotent

Masaka City Mogul Lwasa Introduced New Lover, Diana Nabatanzi Left Cursing (Photos)

Masaka City moneybags and skirt chaser Emmanuel Lwasa is not yet to give up on ex-lover also Buganda Broadcasting Services Television (BBSTV) presenter Diana Nabatanzi after he resurrected the beef with more insults aimed at the TV star.

While attending his friend’s introduction ceremony, Boom.ug managed to get an exclusive interview from the tycoon and his new wife Angel Malaika but he is spitting venom. 

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TV star Diana Nabatanzi

During an interview, Lwasa praised his new lover Malaika saying that she is not artificial like Diana Nabatanzi.

“Ono tali nga Kali akakalibanda, Kali artificial nnyo,” He angrily interrupted Angel while she was confessing that she has no plans of ever divorcing him. 

Additionally, the tycoon has said that he realised that Nabatanzi is too poor after he left her in an apartment and came back when she had packed and taken everything.

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“Bwenamuleka mu apartment nakomawo nensa ga nga ebjntu byona abyetise, ebintu nga TV. Nagamba Ono atte nga munaku nnyo,”. He arrogantly stated.

Lwasa has also denied claims by Nabatanzi that he is impotent saying that he had over 12 children adding that his goal is to have 30 children. He has promised to connect Nabatanzi to his friend who has been searching for a needy barren woman.

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“Ninayo omusajja mukwano wange eyali annonya akakazi akawuulu akatazaala. Ngenda musindikayo.” He said.

He has concluded saying that all female TV presenters were bewitched.