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Home Celebrity Gossip Sharon Peyton spills her relationship secrets with dancer Eddy Wizzy

Sharon Peyton spills her relationship secrets with dancer Eddy Wizzy

For many years ever since she came to the music scene, singer Sharon Payton has always denied ever being in love with renowned dancer Eddy Wizzy. 

Is shall be remembered that in 2018, the allegations took over the internet that Eddy Wizzy thumped Sharon to pulp after learning that she was cheating on him and had aborted his pregnancy.

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Even though Eddy denied the allegations saying that his hands were only made to romance women not to beat them, the singer insisted that she was beaten.

It was also alleged that the two were living under the same roof in Eddy’s house located near Salaama road, Munyonyo. 

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Now during an interview in NBS TV, Sharon finally confessed that she dated Eddy for five years before it ended in tears. 

“Yes it is true, Eddy Wizzy and I dated for over five years but it all ended in tears. We are both now good where the other moved on.” The “Yenze Peyton” singer stated. 

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However, the singer still denied sharing a bed with famous BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo.