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VIDEO: TikToker Cephco dumps fiancee Jowie, leaks her top dirty secrets

TikToker Cephco breaks down as dumps his fiancee Jowie

Controversial TikToker Dr. Cephco and his girlfriend Jowie’s relationship has finally ended in tears after years of secret bonking.

Cephco and Jowie have been dating for a while but their relationship was common on TikTok as the couple made viral challenges to earn influencer gigs.

However after Cephco was arrested by Full Figure, many words were said about his relationship with Jowie some alleged that Jowie is the one who set him up to be arrested.

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It was also said that Jowie slept with an old man Sheikh Umar after Cephco was arrested.

According to Cephco, he has nothing to do with Jowie at the moment because people have told him so many words about what she did when he was in prison.

“I have had alot and i have seen how you changed. The way Jawie is acting, I got nothing to do with her anymore. Am done with her,” Cephco said.

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Cephco said he is done with the relationship because he can’t be with someone who betrayed him yet they sleep in the same bed together every night.

“Jowie do all but remember, i have been your husband and we have been sleeping together in bed. I know you in and out. But you have disappointed me. I didn’t know that you can do this to me. If you really chose to do that to me, that means you want me dead. I can’t be with a person who wishes me to die. I am done and now any man is free to take you,” Cephco added.

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Watch the video below: