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Home Celebrity Gossip Lydia Jazmine speaks out about her leaked semi n@u#de video – (Watch...

Lydia Jazmine speaks out about her leaked semi n@u#de video – (Watch here)

Lydia Jazmine speaks out about her leaked semi nude video

Beautiful singer Lydia Jazmine has finally spoken about the viral video in which she was spotted showing off her underwear while dancing in a bar with friends. 

The singer has denied being drunk as it was reported. Jazmine revealed that she doesn’t drink alcohol. However, the “Hit and run” hitmaker says she has all the rights to go out and have fun. 

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“No please, I don’t get drunk. I was out with my friends having fun and that’s my private life. People chose to put it in public but as for me I don’t put my private life out there so whoever was there and did that, that’s up to them me I don’t care. I am allowed to go out and have fun with my friends and there is nothing wrong with that.” She said during an interview with a local station. 

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Watch leaked video here

When asked why she was pulling her skirt up and showing off her sumb!e, the singer said “things happen and go”.

“Have you ever seen me coming out to defend myself on matters like that? Do you think that’s the craziest? I don’t come out to defend myself because that’s not how I do my things. I keep quiet, things happen and go. Because even if I explain, I’ll explain and get tired with you not understanding still” – Jazmine said.

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