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“Until death do us apart, i will always own Herbert and his name” – Dorothy Shonga tell haters

Even after divorcing in 2019, Socialite Dorothy Shonga has continued to use ex husband Herbert Shonga’s name “Shonga”.

Dorothy says she not only owns the name but also the person ‘Herbert’ which has left netizens in shock since she is allegedly dating someone else.

“Get used to it my dear coz it will never change till death coz I own both Herbert and the name Shonga,” she replied to a fan who asked why she still uses her ex husband’s name.

Dorothy and Herbert had an on and off marriage which was characterised of cheating accusations. After struggling to keep it alive but failed, the two then lovebirds decided to divorce in 2019.

After divorce, Herbert started dating with singer Sasha Brighton while Dorothy also allegedly got a rich Malawi politician.

Herbert later broke up with Sasha while Dorothy got a new young and handsome man named Patrick whom she is set to get married to according to Herbert.

With all the being said, Dorothy and Herbert are still giving fans hopes of getting back together. The Shongas have two beautiful children together.