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Sasha Brighton Reveals Traits of Her Dream Man

After breaking up with city sumbie terminator Herbert Shonga, singer Nannozi Joweria alias Sasha Brighton has gone back to searching for the right man to swim in her waters.

During an interview with Boom Gossip, the “Kawomera” hitmaker revealed that she is on the search of a staunch Moslim man to harvest her garden and she takes him for introduction to her parents.

“I want Allah to bless me with a Moslem man, one that is so committed to his religion, not these half ones. He will visit my family and we even have “Nikkah,” Sasha Revealed.

It is alleged that the singer split with Herbert Shonga after he allegedly cheated on her on a daily basis.

However, Shonga also explained his side of the story accusing Sasha of being money minded narrating that she must have seen someone richer than him hence quitting the relationship.