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Close Friends Reveal Caroline Marcah is Heavily Pregnant With Mc Kats’ Baby

Sources close to Spark TV presenter Caroline Marcah real name Caroline Mirembe Mahoro allege that the TV star is already pregnant for her new boyfriend legendary Mcee Katamba Edwin alias Mc Kats. 

The allegations come after the MC organised and sponsored Marcah’s birthday party which was held at Mackinon Suits where he showered her love leaving friends and family members stunned.  

With all that being said and done, the Spark TV Queen has continued to deny dating allegations. According to Caroline, Kats is only a friend and the people spreading the dating rumours are aiming to end her TV career. 

The allegations started when fellow TV host Zahara Totto revealed that Kats is in love again with Caro whom he is using as phone screen wallpaper.

In a recent interview with Spark TV, Marcah was asked about her relationship with Kats, she failed to deny or confirm the rumours but turned cold and commanded the interviewer to contact Kats for a comment. 

Kats on the other hand went public on women’s day and posted the Spark Tv Queen’s picture and accompanied it with sweet words saying; “A man is happy when his woman is.”

A day after, he showered her with love during her birthday celebrations where he was spotted getting very close to her in a romantic hug he was giving her. 

It was clear for netizens to understand that the two media personalities are an item. This further indicated that it was over for Kats’ baby mama Singer Fille. 

Mc Kats who already has five children from two women will now be adding another from the TV star as well as a second for Marcah. 

Months ago after the dating rumours emerged, it was alleged that Marcah’s parents strongly condemned the relationship with claims that their daughter can not be with Kats who’s HIV positive. 

But from the look of things, the celebrated Mc seems to have found a new life and is ready to put his problems behind and enjoy life with his new boo.