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Evelyn Lagu’s Transplant Hangs in Balance After Baby Daddy Ceases Son From Donating His Kidney (VIDEO)

Evelyn Lagu's Transplant Hangs in Balance After Baby Daddy Ceases Son From Donating His Kidney (VIDEO)

Singer and Actress Evelyn Nakabira alias Evelyn Lagu’s ex-husband and baby daddy Andrew Sekisonge has come out to beg her not to be selfish by accepting their 17 years old son Freddie Kasavu’s kidney. 

In an audio Boom Gossip has cited, concerned Sekisonge says that taking their son’s kidney will cause him complications in the future yet he is still young. 

Accordingly, the hurting father says that Incase problems happen during and after the process, their son will be left to suffer alone. 

“When people get complications, doctors blame it on them saying that they didn’t take their medicines well. When someone has two kidneys and then they remove one, it means he will be given medicine to take for the rest of his life, now you want this child to be on medication all the time for the rest of his life he has been healthy.  People who donate are normally dead, but this young boy has a long life to live just the way we have also lived our lives.

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He also wants to have his both kidneys to enjoy life.” He has narrated. 

Sekisonge strongly condemns Lagu and her son’s decision.

” So I’m totally against it much as I know it is the only way you can save your life but we have to look for another way of getting that kidney not through our son. He has stated. 

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Sekisonge is also concerned that doctors may steal their son’s kidney and replace it with an old one. 

“How are you going to guarantee that the kidney they have put in you so that of your son? I know the pain you are going through but that pain is not as big as the pain you can put a scar on the child” he said.

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In the same audio Lagu has informed him that tests which costed them 10millions were done on the young boy and results showed that removing his kidney will not shorten his lifespan. 

Accordingly, she explains that her son will not have to be on medication for the rest of his life but for just two weeks. However, he will not be allowed to drink alcohol and taking meats often. 

Watch the video below;