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FULL LIST: City Celebrities That Have Swallowed Tycoon Lwasa’s Hot Cassava Revealed

The city is in pandemonium after the recent developments relating to Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa and his high affinity for hot babes.

The talk around this eccentric tycoon has emanated from his estranged relationship with BBS TV’s presenter Diana Nabatanzi in which she allegedly refused to give him children despite the fact that she guzzled down his money like a woman on a mission.

However, Boom Gossip snoops have learnt that Diana Nabatanzi is not the only woman to have ravaged the eccentric Lwasa’s bed. The list is actually endless but we have managed to scoop for you a few names of city slay Queens and celebrities that have fallen prey to the Masaka moneybags. Check them out:


The self proclaimed DJ Zatto is one of the many celebrities that have gulped Lwasa’s saliva and money in selfless abandon. Owing to the fact that Zahara Totto is a huge admirer of loaded men due to her desire for an expensive lifestyle which her NBS TV job cannot provide, she surely can’t miss out on the list. Besides, she herself has a track re-order for her high sense of sexual desire, having been reported to have slept with almost half the town and sired three children in the process.


Being a celebrated thigh vendor, the self proclaimed Masolo Queen can’t have failed to lure Lwasa’s into be among one of her famous clients. Bad Black’s clientele ranges from a one Greenhalph to Medie Ssentongo, to Bebe Cool among others. Due to Bad Black’s distaste for Masaka men, she must not have found Lwasa delicious. 


Do we really need to introduce the BBS TV star you? We needn’t. The tycoon has bankrolled Nabatanzi from the word go. He confessed to have bankrolled Nabatanzi and given her money to spent in exchange for thighs. She has been his official fashion designer and he sponsored her business Tanzi Collections (reportedly). She however didn’t give him children and the romance went bad.


You have also, like we have, seen photos of Lwasa and Desire taking photos in compromising positions. You have also heard about Lwasa drilling Luzinda’s oil wells since time immemorial. Desire is, without doubt, the most waterlogged woman in the country and Lwasa cannot have simply missed out splashing such waters.


The popular businessman was recently introduced by one of his side chicks Angel to her parents in Luweero. This is after he ditched Diana. Without doubt, she is now the official bae. It however remains to be seen for how long she will cling onto the crown.


Bootylicious Swangz Avenue singer seems the ideal type that Lwasa prefers. The singer has also been spied on having a beautiful moment with the tycoon. Nwagi being a cheerful giver and Lwasa being a hunter that doesn’t miss, there is no doubt that the two traded saliva.


Faith is believed to Lwasa’s Wife who allegedly bewitched Nabatanzi to lose her voice after she released that she was the one feasting on her Hubby’s carrot. She is however not very known to the public due to her preference for a discreet life.