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VIDEO: “My husband would bonk me right, I will miss his romance,” Pastor Irene Manjeri praises Kotongole’s bedroom skills


City pastor Irene Manjeri has unveiled new details about her husband Dr. Vincent Katongole’s bedroom skills saying that he was so romantic and she will miss him.

Manjeri made the confessions during an interview with Ibrah K Mukasa early this week where she explained that Katongole used to get her turned on whenever he brought her fresh rose flowers on valentine’s day morning.

“We used to sleep at Sheraton every Valentine’s day and in the morning he could bring me a red rose because I like roses. He could bring the roses in the morning and tap on me then gives them to me.

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“I wish he will do it for his new wife. Just touching on the rose turns on a woman. Whenever he came with that red rose and also wearing his favorite perfume called One man’s show, huhh. He even used to be so handsome when he was with me but he is nolonger handsome now,” She said.

Irene Manjeri

The pastor added that she will miss their romantic outings.

“We used to eat Luwombo together and feed each other from a certain restaurant in Nakasero. I miss those moments. I also miss going to diddies with our children and seeing him spend time with them,” Manjeri added.

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She however revealed that for all the years they spend together, she didn’t get any chance of flying in the same plane with him and it hurts her so much.

“I  didn’t get a chance to fly in the same plane with my husband,  seated with him at night seeing the stars.  That would have meant alot for me but He just went without going on his trips alone without even informing me. He only came home like twice in a year,” Manjeri said.

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Watch the video below;