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Ismah Olaxess Sends Stern Warning to Diana Nabatanzi, Says She Could Die in a Week (Watch Video)

Motormouthed blogger Lubega Ismah alias Ismah Olaxess has warned BBS Television’s Diana Nabatanzi against chewing old men’s money saying that her former sugar daddy Lwasa Emmanuel could end her life if she isn’t careful. This comes in the aftermath of Lwasa’s confession that Diana failed to fulfill her womanly duties despite swallowing the tycoon’s money like a bonfire.

“If Diana is not careful she may die within just one week because Lwasa is envious which is why he married recently just to revenge on her. Now he is mad because Diana dumped him so he married in revenge but even the new wife is not happy,” he has explained in a video clip. 

Ismah says this in response to Lwasa’s recent interviews with different Television stations where he angrily mentioned that he gave Diana a good life by gifting her with a car, house, and business but still she denied him a chance to marry her as well as bearing children for him. He also claimed that she even denied him the goods, 

Ismah has also attacked the tycoon saying that he has no energy to satisfy Nabatanzi in bed explaining that he is too old for modern sex. 

“You don’t have the energy to manage Nabatanzi, such type needs modern sex. She wants people who can bonk her and even break a bed yet for you you are still in old missionary sex styles. Nabatanzi was just after money, it’s sad that she allowed you to see her sumbie, if it was Fabiola you wouldn’t have seen anything” laughed Isma.

Watch the video below;