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“I didn’t want to marry a rich man,” Pastor Bugingo’s wife Susan Makula claims

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House of Prayer Ministries Pastor Aloysius Bugingo shocked many in 2019 when he revealed his mistress who doubles as his employee at Salt Media Susa Makula to the public.

The thought of a man of God committing adultery had many talking and calling Makula names . She was and is still receiving criticised for snatching away Teddy Bugingo’s husband. 

Many believe that she accepted to be with Bugingo because of his riches but according to her recent Revelations, her dream was never to marry a rich man because they barely give their women enough time. 

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Being in a relationship with Bugingo has however proved her wrong as the man of God gives her enough time and love. 

“I used to say I don’t want to marry someone who is rich because they don’t give you time but I’ve realised that when someone loves you, they give you time. I’m contented,” She said.