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Spark TV Presenter Precious Remmie Gets Engaged To Another Man, Breaks Ahmed Lubowa’s heart

Spark TV Presenter Precious Remmy Gets Engaged To Another Man, Breaks Ahmed Lubowa's heart

We all know city women a great deal and their love for showbiz and cash. When the two come in tandem, it is hard for a city girl to say no. The same can be said of Spark TV Presenter Precious Remmie. As we write this, see has already ditched alleged bae Ahmed Lubowa in favour of a one loaded fella, Raymond.

Weeks ago, we reported to you how Remmie was smitten with Ahmed with reports that the two are actually into each other to the extent that they were enjoying each other’s flesh secretly.

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Precious Remmie with new hubby

However, barely a month after these reports came through, Remmie has got engaged to another man, a one Raymond who is believed to be stinking rich and a Nkuba Kyeeyo.

Raymond proposed to Remmy on Tuesday and the Live Wire Presenter almost bit her tongue as she hastily said “Yes” to what she terms a man of her dreams.

The pair held a lavish engagement party where they were seen smiling from ear to ear as they decked themselves in pink.

Where the latest developments leave Ahmed remains to be seen. We shall be here to give you all the latest developments.

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