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Angry Grace Khan’s Maid Exposes Her Dirty Secrets

Angry Grace Khan's Maid Exposes Her Dirty Secrets
Grace Khan

A young woman claiming to be singer Grace Khan’s housemaid has come out and exposed her dirty secrets during a Television interview.

The yet to be identified maid has revealed that the pregnant singer is a drunkard who supplements her drunkenness with chewing Miraj, Kuber and treats her subordinates as trash.

“Her manners are not good, she drinks alcohol, takes kuba and abuses people. She tortures and doesn’t pay her employees,” She fumed.

Additionally, the maid disclosed that Khan informed her about her pregnancy but the man responsible dumped her.

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She narrated that at first, she believed the singer’s behavior were influenced by pregnancy moods but with time she realised that she ( Khan ) is naturally a bad person.

Many people have come out and accused Khan of refusing to pay her employees. For example, a few months ago, she was trolled online after a lady came out and revealed that she bought clothes on credit and failed to pay.

The maid has also disclosed that she always picks items from shops on credit and declines to pay them back.

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