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King Saha Blasts Ex-Girlfriend: “Back off and Mind Your Own Life”

Last week, Boom Gossip reported to you how sleek voiced singer King Saha real name Mansur Semanda’s Girlfriend Joweriah Ali laughed at his poor health in a Facebook post and advised him to quit weed saying that it has made him look bad.

The remark came as a mild joke but has since turned fiery and sparked bad blood between the couple.

This came after the “Suzana” hitmaker posted a picture of himself posing with legendary reggae star Madoxx Sematimba which made his health become a bone of contention on social media. This didn’t go down well with Saha, especially owing to the fact that the debate was started by his own former lover.

The singer has now come out to remind Joweria to back off and mind about her own life instead of his.

Saha said this during a phone interview with galaxy FM on 22nd February 2021 where he also advised his ex-lover to stop telling him what to do. 

A number of people including Singer Bebe Cool have continuously advised Saha to stop taking weed, saying he is doing a disservice to his music career. However, the singer seems not to be listening as he keeps attacking them instead, telling them he doesn’t care about public opinion.