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Shock as Groom Plays Bride’s Cheating S#ex Tape On Their Wedding (VIDEO)

A wedding is supposed to be a day of great joy and memorable happiness between a bride and his soulmate as they cement their love. However, some weddings have turned nightmarish and become hell for the bride and groom as well as the guests. 

As we wrote this, Social media in China has for the past few days been awash with video in which a mysterious groom shocked his friends and family members when he played a sex tape of his cheating wife with another man on their wedding.

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It all started with happiness and pomp, with guests and the couple having fun during their big wedding day festivities.  However, tables turned against the bride before the knot could be paid. The groom asked they play a video clip of him and his bride having their happy moments during their 2 years of courtship. 

All was well, beautiful clips were playing while guests cheered the couple on the couple until when a particular clip left everyone in shock. 

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In the clip, the bride was on a bed Bonking with her sister’s husband shamelessly. 

Out of shock, the  bride turns furious and throws her beautiful bouquet of flowers at her groom and runs away leaving guests in shock.

According to bloggers in China, the couple had been married for two years but their marriage was characterised by domestic Violence.

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The bloggers also allege that the man started suspecting his wife  prompting him to hire private investigator who followed her up and later caught her with her in-law and recorded the video leading to the sudden end of their wedding. 

The video has since gone viral leading to reports that it has been blocked on all social media platforms in China.