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Bad Black Pours More Scorn on Ykee Benda Over Tiny Cassava

City socialite and thigh vendor seems to be going hard and brutal on singer Ykee Benda.  The motor mouthed socialite has been up in arms against Ykee over what she feels is in descent dress code by the singer. Having come out to react to Ykee’s viral Facebook photo in which he poses in a pair of boxers, Bad Black has had a go at him again. 

Bad Black real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa shocked tweeps yesterday 21st February when she claimed that her toddler son Jonah has a bigger manhood than Ykee Benda’s. 

“Mbwa gwe we shall dress you by force no one your showing yo lusolo ne Jona is better than you ,” Black retorted. 

This followed another errant post made by the self proclaimed Massolo queen as she  bashed Ykee’s alleged small cassava. However, Black isn’t the only person who pointed out the singer’s tiny cassava. Fans and other social media gurus have come out to assert that he is not well endowed. 

In retaliation to Bad Black’s taunts, Ykee has come out to jokingly assert that he will never forgive the socialite for insulting him.

“Bad Black ye sili musonyiwa yanvuma nyo alimba” Benda has said through his Facebook page.