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“Lwasa is a witch, i can’t love him!” – Zahara Totto fires back

News about Gossip monger Zahara Nalumansi aka Zahara Totto targeting Masaka City Tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel’s money by offering him her sumbie was trending yesterday and she could not let it go without firing back in fiery anger.

The two have an ongoing bitter feud resulting from a story Zahara ran about BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi and Lwasa. The pair have since clashed online several times.

Through her Facebook page, after a fan commented with a screenshot of the story reported by local blogger Matt Tee, Totto clapped back stating that she can not fall in love with someone like Lwasa who smokes herbs known for witches.

Kyoba omanya sisobola kwagala mufuyi wa mindi! Ebyo alikwekwata kubisubi! Go follow your fake blogger than wasting your time here. Lwasa sleeps with Nabatanzi and that’s a fact” Totto fired back in fiery precision.

Like before, Totto has emphasised again that Lwasa sleeps with BBS Television’s Diana Nabatanzi even after he trashed the rumors. She also has revealed that to appreciate Nabatanzi’s sweet honey pot, the tycoon bought her a flashy car that she has been cruising lately.

However, photos of Totto and Lwasa sharing a light moment have leaked on social media an indicator that the two were close before all this drama unfolded. However, Zahara trashed claims that she has been close to Lwasa, saying being a villager from Masaka, Lwasa was excited to have a picture with his celebrity hence posing with her for the pictures seen on the internet. 

He is lucky to have taken a picture with me. Ayina amalo gomumasaka he was so happy to have taken a picture with his favorite celebrity” Totto bragged.

Days ago, during NBS uncut show, Totto broke the news that Lwasa and Diana are in an entanglement which has caused the latter’s loss of voice.

However, during an interview with a local television station, the tycoon revealed that after Totto failed to win his love, she resorted to hating on Diana after learning that the two were close.