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More Tears for Love-Mad Chris Evans as Zanie Brown Reveals she’s Someone’s Wife

It is now an open secret that renowned singer and songwriter Christopher Evans Kaweesa also known as Chris Evans has strong feelings for his fellow singer Zanie Namugenyi alias Zanie Brown. The pair despite being friends are nothing more than friends, according to Zanie. However, Chris has cried a river vegging the sassy singer for a chance but to no avail. 

Now the singer’s chances of being with his dream girl seem to be getting slimmer as she has come out today to announce that she is already someone else’s wife. Zanie revealed this through her Facebook page in a post where she uploaded a picture of herself with a caption, ” Someone’s wife”.

However, the “Kawala Kalungi” singer has not disclosed the lucky guy feasting on her beautiful brown skinned thighland. 

Evans on the other side recently revealed that he is also making plans of legalising his own bonking sessions with his lover soon in a beautiful wedding ceremony. He also denied disclosing her identity saying that she will be seen on that very day. It could not be verified if that woman is indeed Zanie.

A reliable source has informed us that even though Chris has made moves at the beautiful Zanie, it hasn’t stopped him from venturing into other women’s thighlands concluding that he is indeed a ladies’ man.

“Yiiii he has other women and children, he loves her but he has other women of course. Eee Alina abaana. ” Our source revealed.

Now with the confirmation that Zanie is taken, Chris Evans can now focus of having more hit songs.