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Sheilah Gashumba is “tired”, fuels romour of her break up with Rickman (Screenshot)

Sheilah Gashumba is “tired”, fuels romour of her breaks up with Rickman (Screenshot)

It is just months after socialite Sheilah Gashumba and Sweden-based singer Rickman Manrick announced being an item. However, reports have it that things are not going on well in their relationship.

According to the rumours, Sheilah and Rickman broke up following a heated verbal fight that happened a month ago.

The break-up romours has have been fueled by the celebrated fashionista after her latest post on her social pages sayings “I’AM TIRED”.

The tweet seems to confirm the breakup and it prompted tweeps to comment section to sympathise with her and some advised her that she should leave men alone. 

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However, a few minutes later, Sheila cleared the air saying she was tired of travelling but not her relationship like what Ugandans anticipated.

What does Boom.ug Know?

Six days ago, Rickman posted saying that he was in Istanbul Turkey at the time when Sheilah was in South Africa. She commented on his post and said that “see you soon baby” and the singer replied saying that he would see her soon.

Sheillah went on her Snapchat and asserted that she was travelling to Turkey for a friend’s birthday. 

On Friday, Sheilah travelled to Turkey but according to videos and pictures posted on her Snapchat, Rickman was not there to welcome her. He is not seen anywhere with her as she is spotted alone in a hotel room as well as at the airport. 

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The “Ebango” hitmaker went ahead and tweeted saying that Ugandan young girls do not have any developmental ideas. 

“Young girls in Europe dream to change the world, fight global warming, gender equality, and a good welfare system. In Uganda it’s simple, young girls dream of a man who can give them everything,” Rickman tweeted.

The tweet forced many to believe that he had broken up with the TV presenter but using cryptic messages to conform to the world that the short relationship is no more. 

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But, Sheilah’s reply to the tweet proves otherwise. The self-proclaimed “Lil stunner” replied and said that “Baby, i want everything but i can try to fight global warming”. This left her fans confused!

And the conversation went on with her boyfriend saying that she qualifies to be European since she’s already in Europe.

What Boom.ug has learnt from reliable sources close Sheillah, the two lovebirds are still happy together.