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About Us

Boom Gossip Uganda also BOOM UG (www.boom.ug) is a professional Digital/New Media company in Uganda.

BOOM UG is designed to source and publish articles as Legacy/Mainstream Media but in the scope of the digital era’s online journalism.


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To produce cross-appeal public interest multi-media agenda-setting content that is in-depth, accurate and investigative to ensure value for our audiences.


We aspire to achieve our set goals and satisfy our audiences by observing tenets of integrity, accuracy, hard work and incisive turnaround time for agenda setting/new stories.

About the BOOM UG 

BOOM UG is one of the Ugandan online publishers that emphasizes much on news stories based on human interest after conducting serious investigations backed up by research. We consistently break stories and the culture of freedom is reflected throughout our daily online publications.

BOOM UG is keen on striking a balance between information, education, and entertainment, and this is evident in our current product so far.

BOOM UG, however, is not only interested in informing, educating, or entertaining you. We have amazing business/advertising packages to help you sell your products, services, or company brand.

BOOM UG so far is among the most visited websites in the country, offering potential advertisers’ value for their money.

Comments and discussions on BOOM UG

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Repeatedly warned offenders may be banned from commenting on our website and social media platforms. 

Contact us

Kampala Uganda

Phones: +256 789210333, +256 705932383

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