VIDEO: Moments You Missed as Eddy Kenzo Visited Phiona Nyamutooro‘s Parents

Singer Edirisa Musuuza, aka Eddy Kenzo, has reportedly converted his new fiancee, Minister Phiona Nyamutooro, to Islam after visiting her parents’ home and getting their official blessings.

According to sources, the conversion took place a few days before they held a private home introduction meeting with Nyamutooro’s family over the weekend. Photos from the event have since circulated on social media platforms, sparking intrigue and discussion among fans and the public alike.

Kenzo and Nyamutooro, who have been romantically involved for some time, had kept their relationship under wraps until recently. Rumors of their engagement began circulating after Kenzo publicly acknowledged Nyamutooro on his social media accounts.

Despite initial speculation regarding political affiliations due to Nyamutooro’s ministerial position, Kenzo clarified that his involvement with the ruling party was not driven by political motives but rather pragmatic considerations.

The union between Kenzo and Nyamutooro marks a significant milestone for the singer, who was previously engaged to fellow artist Rema Namakula. Their five-year relationship resulted in a child named Amaal before their eventual separation. While Namakula swiftly remarried, Kenzo took five years to commit to a new relationship.

With his marriage to Nyamutooro, Kenzo’s presence in official circles is expected to increase, potentially leading to appearances at the state house and other government-related events.

The conversion of Nyamutooro to Islam adds another dimension to their relationship and has stirred interest among fans and observers. Kenzo’s journey from private romance to a public union with a government official has captivated the attention of many, underscoring the intersection of celebrity, love, and politics in contemporary Ugandan society.

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