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Eddy Kenzo & Minister Nyamutoro Planning Multi-Billion Wedding, Inside Details Leak!

The Untold Story of Purported Eddy Kenzo's Fiance Phiona Nyamutoro, Her Net Worth Unearthed

A news story in that we published this Friday revealed that Ugandan big-name singer Eddie Kenzo has secretly been seeing newly appointed Minister Phiona Nyamutoro for longer than a lot of people think.

The two have a child together, a boy, named Musuza after his father (Read Full Story Here). The story reveals that the boy was born on Friday 2nd February this very year.

The story goes on that since the boy was born, Kenzo has been living with Nyamutoro though their relationship is yet to be made official. Our snoops recently reported that Nyamutoro has confided in some close pals of hers making it clear that her man Kenzo (been secretly seeing each other for 5 years now) intends to walk her down the aisle before the 2026 elections when she intends to compete for Nebbi Woman MP position.

Indeed, recently Kenzo was hosted on BBS TV where he revealed that besides his two daughters Maya and Aamal, he has other children.

Without giving details he stated he has a son somewhere and this certainly was in reference to Musuza mothered by Nyamutoro who has been showing off everywhere as her person including recently as she took oath as Minister at Entebbe State House.

Eddy Kenzo, the award-winning singer and songwriter, has been linked to Phiona Nyamutooro, a female youth member of parliament. The rumor mill has been buzzing with speculation that the two are in a romantic relationship.

However, Nyamutooro has come out to clear the air and deny the allegations. She said that she and Eddy Kenzo are just friends and have known each other for a long time.

“I can’t confirm that Eddy Kenzo is my boyfriend, but I know him,” she said in an interview.

“I’ve known him for a very long time, even before I became a member of parliament.”

Nyamutooro also revealed that she was invited by the Speaker of Parliament to handle a petition from the Uganda National Musicians Federation. She said that she supports the musicians’ cause and hopes to work with them to improve their welfare.

She urged the public to stop spreading false rumors about her and Eddy Kenzo, and to respect their privacy. She said that she is focused on serving her constituents and fulfilling her duties as a legislator.