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VIDEO: Kapa Cat Thrown Out Her Rental House Over Arrears!!

Songstress Catherine Tumusiime, aka Kapa Cat, has reportedly run back to her parents home after failing to pay rent and getting thrown out by the landlord, she has spoken out and given her story of what happened.

Reports state that “Dansolo” hitmaker has opted to take refuge in her childhood sanctuary after allegedly grappling with the burdensome weight of rent.

Whispers suggest that Kapa Cat’s decision to seek sanctuary in her parental nest stems from an aversion to the looming specter of eviction from her rented quarters. It appears the singer has chosen the wise path of returning to the familial fold to circumvent the ignominy of eviction notices and overdue rent demands.

While the songstress herself remains cryptic about the veracity of these claims, opting instead to respond with a hearty laugh and perhaps a well-placed quip or two, speculations continue to abound regarding her housing predicament.

Interestingly, this development bears an eerie resemblance to a recent saga involving another notable figure in the music industry, Lilian Mbabazi, who found herself entangled in a legal quagmire over rent arrears amounting to a whopping Shs16 million. It seems the trials and tribulations of rental woes are not confined to a single melodious soul.


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