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Gerald Mayanja Weeps Loss of his Children AK 47 & Humphrey, Wonders Who is Next on Death-line

Gerald Mayanja a father to the Mayanja brothers has wept over the loss of two of his children.

He said he is worried about who is dying next because the first and last born are all gone leaving the family in pain.

AK-47 was killed and the killer was never seen and now Humphrey Mayanja has died due to cancer.

According to Gerald Mayanja, he is becoming weak every time because of losing his children.

“I am becoming weak now over the loss of my children. The first to die was AK47, my last-born child and now the elder. I do not know who is next. I don’t know what’s happening to us.

“Humphrey died in pain. We did everything, but God decided for him to die,” Gerald Mayanja said on March 31, 2024, during his speech at the vigil held at Humphrey’s home in Kigo on Entebbe Road.

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