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SB4 Exposed After Chewing Struggling Blind Man’s Money

YouTuber SB4 Media has been exposed after chewing money meant to build blind man’s house.

The blind man said people have been contributing money for him but unfortunately he hasn’t got any of that money on his account.

SB4 Media has helped so many struggling people using his platforms. Most of them have appreciated him while others haven’t.

This blind man said SB4 media reached to him and asked to interview him. From their they planned on building for him a house which they asked people to contribute.

According to the man it was just UGX 3 million money meant to build but not even a half of that money was used.

He said Mama Fina also gave him money through SB4 Media but it didn’t get to him which is frustrating.

The house was left unfinished and now the blind man is just asking for more money and using the opportunity to expose SB4 Media.