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How Tycoon Lwasa “the Ladies’ Sugar” Sadly Lost his Family and Turned a Beggar

This week, Masaka City businessman Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi ran to the President of the Republic of Uganda Museveni Yoweri Kaguta crying for help to secure his Club Turvan Kick building that was put on sale by Equity Bank.

He officially declared himself bankrupt cursing the people of Masaka who he claims prompted his failure after he lost the mayoral race in the 2021 elections.

But How Did a Billionaire Turn a Beggar?

Emmanuel Lwasa lately become a household name, in good or bad terms, depending on how one perceives his behavior.

He had many concubines from singers, the little known, Television and Radio presenters. Including Desire Luzinda, Zahara Toto, BBS presenter Diana Nabatanzi among others.

Lwasa, Zahara Toto and Diana Nabatanzi

Until 2020, he had a stable family and stayed with his official wife (name withheld) at his Bulaga-Bbira home.

Lwasa had been with this wife for a while until a time when she got disgusted and fled the country to Canada when she could no longer bear the rampant media reports of how his husband womanized.

Lwasa and this Rwandese woman had had children. Being the official wife, Lwasa had ensured that this lady, had the best care.

She managed the biggest hardware at Bulaga (Kumwenda) along Mityana Road for many years.

Before she fled Lwasa’s home to Canada, in 2020, she sold off everything at a giveaway price leaving Lwasa battling a family split struggle.

This is the time when it is reported that Lwasa went hard on Luzinda, Zahara Toto, and Nabatanzi begging for marriage, but when failed Lwasa opted to marry another woman, Angel, whom he had only seen for days. And, this is where all his financial troubles started!

Who is Lwasa

Lwasa with Angel

Until June 2015, little had been known about Emmanuel Lwasa. At the time when he first appeared in Bukedde newspaper, he said “We are rich but do not show off. You will not notice us unless you know the magnitude of our businesses”.

During that time, Lwasa was running a minerals company, a glassware shop, and a truck transport system.

Lwasa with “Maama wa baana’

A former soldier

In 1985 aged thirteen, Lwasa joined the National Resistance Army (NRA) at Kadogo College in Mbarara, training in fighting as a child soldier to oust the Obote government.

After the training he was sent into the bush to fight and while there during a fierce ballet, “I almost my leg. The war was tough but we managed to beat our enemy and then went to the 15th battalion in Gulu.”

He also fought in Lira, Patongo, Lilengo in the deep villages under Colonel Samson Mande.

Because he was short and small, he was nicknamed Korea by his soldiers. He retired from the army in 1994.

Lwasa with Desire Luzinda

Lwasa is a holder of a Moto Vehicle engineering certificate he attained at Kireka Central Workshop. He also at one time attended Nakulabye High School.

He recently contested for the position of Masaka City Mayor.

He is a man of many riches including real estate. He is the owner of Tavern Kick Inn in Masaka.

Lwasa’s cars and houses

Lwasa’s cars
One of Lwasa’s homes

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