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Singer Ava Peace Heaps Praises Winnie Nwagi

Singer Namugonza MaureenPeace alias Ava Peace has opened up about how she used to hustle with the music business before earning recognition in the Ugandan industry.

Ava Peace says she survived a lot on singer Winnie Nwagi’s music when she was still a struggling musician as she did all that was possible to become popular.

She narrates that as she strived to make it to the top, she first performed Karaoke, and at parties at any event where she could be allowed to showcase her talent.

Winnie Nwagi

Ava Peace says she used to plead to event emcees to give her a chance to perform Winnie Nwagi’s songs as she vividly recalled performing the “Webaase” and “Kanokoze” songs among others because they were her best from the singer.

She went on to claim that if Nwagi was indeed a bad person or if she had a strong copyright rule, she thinks she might have sued her for using her content without her permission.

She feels delighted to be where she is at the moment having got her breakthrough song on which she collaborated with Mudra.

Ava Peace adds that she hopes to meet Nwagi one day, have a light chat, and hopefully work on a collaboration together.