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Karole Kasita to maintain her dress code despite giving birth

Singer Karole Kasita finally reveals father of her unborn baby, netizens left in shock

Singer Karole Kasita is not about to change her dress code even after giving birth to her first child.

Karole Kasita welcomed her first child last month. She didn’t hide her pregnancy throughout the whole period even after birth, she posted about it.

The only detail she has kept confidential is the father of her child who is rumored to be Feffe Bussi. She hasn’t confirmed it although he posted welcoming the child on his Instagram.

Karole Kasita has been in the industry for a long she is famous because of her unique energy while performing and the dress code.

So many people change after giving birth, especially the way they dress. Most of them start dressing decently but Karole Kasita is not about to do that.

According to Karole Kasita, she is not changing anything at any time. The only way she will change is when her son is old enough to tell her he is not comfortable with the dressing.

For that Karole Kasita said she will immediately change but if it is not that, she will still be out in her skimpy clothes like she has been doing in the past.

“I will only adjust when my baby grows up and says something. When he says “Mummy your dress code is uncomfortable”, I will change my immediately,” Karole Kasita

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