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Home Entertainment Geosteady gives dead ear to social media battles ahead of his concert

Geosteady gives dead ear to social media battles ahead of his concert

Prima Kardashi left in fresh tears as Geosteady celebrates another love of his life on Valentine's day

Singer Geosteady real name Hassan George Kigozi has distanced himself from social media fights ahead of his coming concert.

Geosteady announced that he will be having a concert in September at Hotel Africana.

But with this concert, there is so much pressure behind it because last month he involved himself in social media fights with ex-baby mama Prima Kardashi.

He exposed every dirt of hers on social media and so many people were not happy with him for disrespecting a lady, especially that one that has given him children.

According to Geosteady, he was tired of being stepped on by his ex-baby mama. The only thing he could do was speak his mind.

He however revealed that all people saw on social media doesn’t define who he is in reality. As a human being, he tried his best although things didn’t go very well.

Geosteady said he is very sorry and being a religious man, he believes people will forgive him and give him time to show who he really is.

“Social media does not define me. What happened last month happened and I can’t say it wasn’t me. The only thing I can say is it was out of anger. I am a good person and I know people will understand me with time,” Geosteady apologies to the public.

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