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Home Entertainment Drama can’t decelerate – Kato Lubwama hits back at critics

Drama can’t decelerate – Kato Lubwama hits back at critics

Drama can't decelerate - Kato Lubwama hits back at critics

Kato Lubwama a Ugandan politician, drama actor, musician, songwriter, comedian, and businessman in an interview with local journalists said drama can’t decelerate as some critics claim.

He said unless all people in the country die because drama is someone’s feelings. A former radio presenter says they want to make it extraordinary because it attracts high-class people.

With that he said currently, they are doing cultural drama and so creative. He said there are three theaters in the country and they are trying as much as possible to promote them but some people are pulling them down on that insulting their work.

aid, people. should learn how to differentiate between digital and cultural drama because the audience that enjoys digital drama is totally different from that, that enjoys cultural drama.

“Drama can’t decelerate because it’s someone’s feelings unless everyone in the country dies that’s when the drama will get off the stage.

We want to do drama for the rich, currently, we are doing cultural drama but we are so creative.” He said.

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